by Moussa   Mar 5, 2021

Who is SHE ?
She is a romantic Sunset when Light kisses Dark
How exquisite is her Mild Nature?
The charisma in her presence illuminates the atmosphere

The radiance in her smile projects luminous beauty
The melodic tunes in her voice create heavenly symphonies
And the innocent enigma in her eyes leaves one intrigued

A magnificent articulation in the words she dares to speak
And a refinement in the sense she makes in every short speech
She is UNIQUE, one of a KIND

The rejuvenating rhythm in the way she walks,
Swirling and turning in the harmony of the rhythmic winds
Making the ground quiver under her delicate feet
And the luring shimmers of her stunning legs
Waking the brown dormant plants along her merited path
Under which she walks

Happiness in her out layer
Perfection in her huge flaws
She is just a bottled fragrance of perfection
She is UNIQUE, one of a KIND

She is GHINWA <3


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