by Prophecies In Kodak   Mar 25, 2021

never known how to write
of happy things
my life has a mind of its own
never minding me
when it jokes abruptly

so here i am now
she can stay away
from hands so toxic
only rub it away
like an obsolete blemish
on something otherwise

if i believed in god
i would pray she stayed safe
from humans who use their tongue
shapshifting words and
feelings too

my tongue would write her
galaxies in sheets
and i would pray
she stays in balance
but hands push the totter
she’s teetering too

all I can say is
i am tired of this human heart
and thinking it ever feels
anything anymore
but you know that i am good
and good for you
but toxic hand play violins
quiet enough the world won’t hear

and you hold me closer
smiles fades to the crease
in the night
so all this heavy breathing
and misbehaving
leads to the heavy truth

i can’t compete with
a shapeshifting heaven
so my heart stopped beating
for me
a long time ago


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  • 2 months ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    wonderful! I do like your phrasing, like:but toxic hand play violins
    quiet enough the world won’t hear
    People and their ignorant words.

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