He- A never ending poem

by Lonelygirl   Apr 15, 2021

I heard a knock on the door
They gave me a ring
Whom which i adore


They told proudly
he did his best
I cried silently
And told let him rest

I know he won't forget me
Bcoz i am his life
Now he is free
From his tensions and his wife

He didn't leave me
He just made my life dim
He flee from me
I am proud of him

He told me not to Concern
And will call me daily
Prayed to god to return
Him safely

He returned
Saving lives of millions
But not him's

My love doesn't adjourn
Even if he doesn't return

He will be always in my heart
Even if he is apart

He made me proud of him
And also the nation
I never forget him
Also the nation

He is always in tri-coloured
Standing proudly
And i am always worried
About he will return safely
or not

He- A never ending poem

To be continued....

Yours patriotaclly

Not to be ended
Because love also doesn't end


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