He- The moment i had lost him

by Lonelygirl   Apr 15, 2021

He- part 2
The moment i had lost him

Time has stopped still
Everything took a rewind
From first to last
The momemnts of

Sweet and bitter
Happy and sad
Love and hatred

Dear i miss you

Your smiles and giggles
Your mischievous behaviour
And naughty character

Everything went by

Our love
Our hate
Our words
Our letters
Our fights
Our promises
Our hopes
Our understandings
Our misunderstandings

This time she says
"Please come back"

I know you won't and can't

Please my life's nothing without you

There's none now
Even you

He- I told you it's never ending even so love

~Words maybe small but not thier love

Again yours patriocally
#hepart2 #tobecontinued
Not to be ended.


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