Apt 3

by Prophecies In Kodak   Apr 20, 2021

some things don't make sense
so i’m trying to understand
little things

- habanero peppers
-pineapple pizza
- wanting to become captain
of the knitting team
-the way you like your coffee
- when i’m in charge of the shopping cart
left to wander

most things don't make sense

- your eyes when you ask me to leave
-why i don't ask to stay ‘cause
that's all i wanna do
-white knuckled driveways
- my eyes when they lower
-how my words teeter like
- you i not speaking
that hasn't made sense for days

i want to find peace
with you but
you call it impossibility
staring at me like
a forceful commitment
as i’m looking at you like
a tuesday afternoon
like nothing else could
matter but

- the you i knew
in this apartment
- dinner after midnight
-wine stains to my teeth
-heat waves from my body
-your laughter and your stories
- all the love you make me leave

making sense of all of these messes
you make a mess out of me


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