i am so in love with this girl

by Prophecies In Kodak   Apr 23, 2021

my ears know your voice
backed to the burn of my hands
you with your working heart
all of my words of affirmation
{sometimes too much
and i know}

beautiful muse they call you
always arguing back at me
sometimes out loud but
more often inside of yourself
ripping through the closet of
your life’s work
running down the streets
from all your present
wanting you is chaotic
yet calms the tsunami in
my frugal head

you better than me
kinder and blistering with passion
standing in the door way
biting back the wind
salvaging the camera
graduating from school
arms out but you’re tired
shame on me
needing to learn how
to understand your
sleepy blues

and you keep struggling to find love
or any sense of a question
saying goodbye in the driveway
my patient heart waving back at you
willing to remember the blue bridge
carousel broke down but
standing arms length near you
sun sprawled with the shape
of your neck
the quiver in my eye when
you told me
how gracious it felt to say it
right back

they say slow and steady
wins the race
and i could die trying for
a prize like


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