she isn’t in love with me

by Prophecies In Kodak   Apr 27, 2021

maybe i have lingered
here for too long
maybe my hands are bent
from all this grasping
i know i haven't slept in my bed
for two weeks
i know that i miss
the way you taste
and i hold the ghost
of what should’ve been

should have packed my bags
boxed up my heart
drained the kitchen sink
i shouldn’t have lied when i said
i wanted you to be happy
with or without me
talking about the good life
dinner dates / red wine
tender sex / laugh lines
rough love / kisses down your neck
could have drowned
in all your grace
i could have died happy again

nobody asks to love another body
no one knows how much a heart can take
tell me why the story ends
before it can even begin
but fear grips the handles
slams the gas pedal
down to the floor
headed straight
and to the border
as far from me
as the eye can see


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