My Lifelong Love

by Glenn G   May 1, 2021

I know you'll never understand
The love I had for you
The way my heart breaks
For every tear it makes

I guess this late in life
The reasons, the why's, the pointing of fingers
Just makes the sadness linger

I never could get you to look deep enough inside
To feel the love from me
All you had to do was look past your ego
To see how far our future could go

Now here we are, life is gone,
Lonesome, distance too far to see,
A future, lost in old dreams
To sad to look at the past.

My dearest love you were the only one for me
When you walked away, loneliness took me in
Became my only friend
I've been unhappy for so long,
I'll be unhappy 'til the end.

One day we go to sleep at twenty
The next we wake up at sixty
You wonder where the time has gone
And, realize it doesn't really matter
When you lived your life alone
And, when death finds us
When we take that last breath
We're clinging to a picture of a love we never could own.

Sadness seems to win way to many times in life
Happiness evades us
Worry consumes, pain keeps us fed
Peace comes but, so, so late.
It seems to find us only after we're dead.


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