she doesn’t miss me too

by Prophecies In Kodak   May 4, 2021

life can be bitter when
you live in the walls of
our ghost
all these late work nights
running from what’s left
of you here

cookie dough
sun on your neck
smudged glasses
wayward smiles
sweet sweet sighs
kissing you gentle
helpess and hopeless

leave behind with me
i didn't want to be an example
or a stepping stone
or a song in someone's
broken down car
just wanted a life together
with you
and all the you's after

but here we are squatting over
a dead afternoon
leaving behind wine stains
bad writing
brunch dates

here i am not forgetting
train rides
road trips
italia roscato
your hand routinely reaching
for mine
stumbling drunk down hosmer
think i’ll rememberthe way
you smiled
for the rest of my life

flew to close to the sun
loving you and then
losing you too
all the things we do
when we aren't built
to keep things perfect
when i’m not built to
keep you


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