A Missed Moment

by Jemia de Blondeville   Jun 3, 2021

I saw two friends briefly embrace last night
Something ive yearned, over this last year
But i couldn't summon up the courage
To hold someone so near

For i fear, that r would not want to ever let go
In case it was the last hug ever
But the opportunity, may not happen again
Never, never, never

A living, breathing, solid soul
A human touch of endearment
I try to catch my pulsing breath
Missing contact, is like a bereavement

I now mourn my missed opportunity
Nothing prepared me, there was no warning
I lie here in my silent solitude
It's now gone three in the morning

Soon the birds, will quietly awaken
Then sing their sweet songs of the dawn
And i will reminisce in my silence
At tears i could not fawn

by Jemia


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