by Jemia de Blondeville   Jun 10, 2021

I asked my fairies
Seated amongst the pyramids,
Along with, Mermaids, Dragons
And an half empty dusty Absinthe bottle
Why does your candle
Bear no flame?
I am told
That i need a match
But i have no strike
Thence i was left to imagine
Which way its flame
Would flicker
Until i see its true light
Out of the blue
Cascading rainbows of pain
Spiral through me
Accompanied by an orchestra
Of clustered emotions
Like pins
Impaled in my effigy
It's now three in the morning
My eyes feel heavily laden
Demanding a sleep
My brain won't allow
My eyelids eventually cede
And flicker,
Like a dying flame
As i enter
The strange world
Of dreams

by Jemia


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