True Love, And A Red Yo Yo

by Jemia de Blondeville   Jun 10, 2021

True Love, And A Red Yo Yo
Her husband was a sailor
Who sailed the Seven Seas
Her early years were spent
In care, homelessness, and other miseries

They then met, and came together
A truer love was rarely found
They lived sincere, and honest life's
And were forever bound

He oft returned, with tokens of love
Discovered from around the world
With tales of each lashing wave
Were regularly unfurled

Producing a wooden red yo yo from his pocket
He'd purchased something new
Its' up and down movements
Were like the oceans blue

For three long months now, she's mourned his passing
After a lifetime of love, laughter, and good cheer
Yet curiously, only just last week
The long time missing red yo yo, did mysteriously reappear

She told me, she doesn't believe in ghosts
But this is very strange indeed
It's as though he sent her this special gift
To comfort her, in her moment of need

by Jemia


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