by Prophecies In Kodak   Jun 12, 2021

every day still
i think about you
five knives
in the kitchen sink
used three to chiffonade
these rotten pieces
you left behind
my heart and
my ribs

now tell me why
you sucked me dry
stole all the water
then told me to swim

tell me how
becoming a ghost
feels better with
your absence
and kiss

tell me why
i gobble up
honey glazed lies
that fall from
your voice

tell me why
i can’t bust
this give a damn
tangeled up
in you

but you never
have the answers
so i grew tired
of knowing the degree
the one in which
you stretch my heart
double back just to
shame me for it

the crossword of you
it’s too complicated
for me to solve
left here to wonder
how you sleep at night
or why invest in
the concept -
or infinite pipe dream
of you


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