by Teria Westerviller   Jun 30, 2021

I'm searching for some hope,
seems a figment of my imagination.
Nothing seems within my scope,
and I'm lost again, darkness settles in.
His heart, it screams at me -
looking for the special cure
but mine's just so broken,
I'm not sure he's going to find much more.
Where would you go from here?
When no one quite sees you,
because they're just never there.
How would you spend your time?
When the loved ones you trusted,
just lied the whole time.

Their words they eat at me,
bashing my brain -
I can feel the explosion
but it's just my skull caving in.
I wish for relief,
some help and some sleep.
But my baby, he needs me -
and my best...
I can't be.


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