God Does Not Exist

by Teria Westerviller   Jul 4, 2021

I used to find the happiness
The single shred of hope -
it brightened up my future
and taught me how to cope.

I prayed and begged, I pleaded
I didn't know the wrong -
they filled me with this hatred,
it hasn't been there all along.

I used to see the beauty,
rising from the ashes -
but the smell it lingers now
there's no beauty in the ashes.

I used to feel his love
wrapping around me,
just a figment of my imagination -
there's no way that he can be.

The book I read when little,
the toxic stuff it taught -
made me who I am today,
I've been through a lot.

When you think they're coming to save you,
that love can win the day -
you're in for an awakening,
they don't know what to say.

Sitting there in silence,
their breath the only sound -
who knew when I lost Jesus,
I would truly be found?

I hid away the pain, you see
I hid it down so deep.
No, God never came to save me -
he left me there to weep.

No karma for the wicked,
No voice for the taunted-
Raped and abused he left me
just to be forever haunted.

God does not exist,
he's a noun on a page -
not our savior,
let yourself out of your cage.


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Latest Comments

  • 4 months ago

    by 1SP

    As a man of faith and strong conviction of my faith, I must that first off, I love your choice in the word for the title, but the poem differs from what I expected. Your poem is relatable even for me. I want to highlight this lovely piece of poetry with just one Biblical connotation of what you are saying my sister. So I will be brief, in the first book of Kings, the prophet Elijah felt similar then to how you feel right now when he went to the wilderness after Ahab and Jezebel put a hit out on him. It's fine with me that you do not believe He exits sis, but you do have a gift, some may say an anointing or a ministry. I love this poem and I am going to make it my first FAVORITE and give your second like, because it moves me.

  • 4 months ago

    by Kate

    I really enjoyed this.

    As someone who was also forced to be active in religion as a child, I understand how it feels to not believe or lose that faith over time. The Bible teaches things that, as a child, I believed but now I would never agree in.

    The part that hit me hardest was the personal touch, of what made you lose that faith. Also, I agree in the "No karma for the wicked" line; we now see that in every aspect of our life.

    Beautiful flow, beautiful rhyme. Great write.

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