I love you

by Teria Westerviller   Jul 6, 2021

A special time, a special place,
Recalling the fireworks, your smiling face.
Today was hard, since the realization set in -
Three long years ... this hell I'm living in.
We used to dream of happiness, joy and things serene...
but then he wrecked all of my hopes, all of my dreams

It occurs, I'm dragging you with me
there's just so much that you could be
I can't recall most days, isolation takes them away.
How can you love me so broken? Why even stay?
Clawing and clawing to dig my way out, catching glimpses of light
but the demons they're mean, and I can't put up a fight.

Yesterday I could not see beyond the pain in me,
today I feel the hope, it commences to set me free.
The darkness was lifted, the moment I knew
It's been three years together, I can't keep doing this to you.
Our future is strong, I can feel it in my soul
and without you baby, I would never be whole.

Changes are hard, the isolation gets meek
Bones and muscles deteriorate, making me weak
But I'll push on today and I'll push on tomorrow,
soon I won't search for the joy in the sorrow.
One day soon we'll be free of the chains on my feet -
because I love you and just happen to refuse defeat.


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