by Prophecies In Kodak   Aug 10, 2021

telling myself
i don’t remember
everything about you

the way your eyes form lines
whenever you smile
the way your face
paints red if you’re mad
the way you murmur when
there’s something you hate
but still continue for
being kind anyway

(you are so kind)
i have always loved that
about you

i don’t remember
all of these things
like the way you say “yeah”
at the good parts
of how passionate you are
in your job
the way you say kid
and i can’t think straight
the way you should
stick with me
cause you know
it’s good for you

i don’t remember everything
that involves you
like how a plain coffee
reflects your passion
like how a characteristic
directly connects you
like how one specific place
speaks about you
the way your hair sat
on your shoulders
your voice inside oliveras
when it was loud
but i only heard you

hope i don’t remember
everything about you
and i won’t remember
everything about you too
like your eyes when i left
your bedroom
crying to bon iver
letting you come to me
like bleu

this i keep on repeat
and the more i convince myself
the more i get used to this
and the more i get used to this
the more i don’t remember when
i started to love you
or everything that
you do


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