by William Mae   Sep 2, 2021

The night can offer loneliness,
When the moon retreats to cry,
Stars shimmering light fades softly,
Above this darkened sky.

Two who sits a world apart,
While spirits make them ponder,
Of after life where hearts are free,
With no more need for wonder.

Nights are filled with heated breath,
In minds where dreams can flourish,
Release tensions in sweated acts,
And love is fully nourished.

Upon a bed desired by two,
Where acts of love has freedom,
Only ones the heart connects,
In secrecy can see them.

In daydreams both find a smile,
Scratch the nose that’s itching,
And feel the sexual tension in
The deeds the dreams are pitching.


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  • 1 month ago

    by Meena Krish

    When one starts to think, lots happen and one thought leads to another...especially when two people are apart they yearn to be together ...good to see you're writing again :)

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