Searching High and Low

by Teria Westerviller   Sep 5, 2021

Time comes as people go
Imaginations weaken,
Beliefs deepen, all the while
no one even knows -
The beginning of time,
there is no such thing,
considering without time
there is no existance,
without existance
there is no time.

Following blindly,
the idols of the souls
but no one realizes,
there's nothing...
nothing that can make them whole.
Eternity is nonexistant
unless you are the world,
just a speckle on the earth,
your existance hidden within galaxies.

The yearning for something more,
come to find, this is all there is.
Why can't it be enough?
Why must we search high and low?
Why must we be right?
Why must they be wrong?
No one knows where it all began,
not God, not Jesus, not even man.
Breathe, my friends - take in the air,
don't let the unknown chain you to your chair.


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