The End

by Teria Westerviller   Sep 11, 2021

Sorrow plants its roots
Deep within our country-
The fallen have been revived-
Metaphorically of course,
Their souls have been found
And real life plans for the worst.
Seems lost souls are reconnecting
So much loss, too much loss
Grandma meeting her children
It's almost as if its all over again.
But the loss hits US hard -
Where will we end up?
No worries my friends -
The time has come
For so many to experience
What really happens after the end.
Say hello to my loved ones,
Say goodbye my dear friend
And dont worry yourself-
We all have an end.


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  • 1 week ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    I liked how this piece read to me as a comfort - not just a commemoration of the lives lost, but the reflection on what the end means. That last line, one of acceptance, or as much as we can come to find peace in how we lived and currently live, knowing that there will always be loss and suffering. We can't always lessen that, but we can offer up what we have, what support we can share.