by Teria Westerviller   Sep 12, 2021

Madness overtakes me
the thumping in my soul-
disheartens all that's left,
why can't I be whole?

Eternity slips from my grasp -
it's as if there's nothing left,
at least, nothing that can last.

Who am I today?
Who will I be tomorrow?
The jumbled thoughts
push me to the brink -
all my heart can feel
is endless sorrow.

The joy, the hope, the freedom
I can't feel it anymore -
as two inches of teardrops
float upon the floor.

When the madness comes -
it's hard to push away,
sometimes I rack my brain
wondering why it doesn't stay....

A battle between emotions -
torn and weathered deep within.
I can't recall a time prior
to the madness setting in.


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