The Plausible, Is The Feasibly Possible?

by Jemia de Blondeville   Sep 24, 2021

Upon a ponderance
About infinity, and beyond...
Got lost, be back soon!
It has been said
That the Universe is expanding
Expanding into what?
I cannot comprehend
An end
As surely space
Has no end?
So far, scientists
Understand about 5%
Of what space is comprised of
How they know it's 5%?
In 50 years, or 500 years
5% may be seen
As vastly over exaggerated
And that the big bang
Was no more
Than equivalent to a farting Squirrel
The rest is merely conjecture
And theory
Based on current knowledge
This cherry on the cake
May only be a crumb
Or fulcrum
Time to go venture
Down some wormholes
Black holes, Dark Matter
And perhaps a few rabbit holes
see ghosts of neutrino particles
And their distant unknown relatives
Hiding on 'the other side'
Of the theoretical unknown
Just had a rollmop herring sandwich
Or did i?
It was some kind of other reality
And i merely 'felt' the echo
Of another version of me
In a parallel world?
Time to go pee in a portal!

by Jemia


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