Dear Heart Of Mine

by Jemia de Blondeville   Oct 10, 2021

Dear Heart Of Mine
As i faced my final journey
I lay dying, upon the cold gurney
A woman came forth, and shaved off my pubes
As a surgeons' assistant, inserted some tubes
My head was in a different place
Betwixt A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Star Wars' space
And wondered also, was now the time for me to die?
On this cold metallic gurney, Upon which i did lie
About one hour, into this darkly dangerous op
A balloon went awry, my life came to a stop
This part of the op, not at all nice
As my fingers, and toes, turned to ice
I heard a hint of panic, in the surgeons voice
My life lay in his hands, i had no choice
The icy feeling, crept up to my hands, and feet
The surgeon managed to manage, my fragile heartbeat
And within a few minutes, he'd rectified the wrong
As my hopes of survival, again became strong
After a total, of about three, and a half hours
I wasn't yet ready, for my graveside flowers
Face to face with my mortality, had been really intense
As i was wheeled out from surgery, now possessing four stents
This all happened 1,545 days ago today
37,080 hours, or two, and a quarter million minutes, either way
118 days later, my second op, this for my RCA
Another three, and a half hours of surgery, not a good day
As again throughout, i was kept wide awake
The thought of which, still makes me quake
After much trying, it was deemed beyond repair
Wheeled out into recovery, where i had another scare
My system had had enough, and suddenly shut down
Like busy bees, suddenly surrounded by medics all around
And brought back to existence, avoiding the doom
As i sit, write, and remember this, alone in my room
And healthier now, than way before that time
With memories of moments, so supremely sublime

by Jemia


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