With a Touch, She Ignites My Soul (Quatern)

by Lost star   Oct 24, 2021

With a touch, she ignites my soul,
awaken memories of old
my reason for being, thought and deed,
the lighthouse when adrift at sea.

Dark corners of my mind she lit,
with a touch, she ignites my soul
in stillness our hearts do sit
pathways to the future bright, bold.

I thought the past had run its toll
her light shines bright from bygone years,
with a touch, she ignites my soul
and extinguishes my darkest fears

When we are gone the world still turns,
spirits meld to make a whole
this passion will forever burn
with a touch, she ignites my soul.


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  • 1 month ago

    by Kate

    This is so wonderfully written. The flow is beautiful, the rhyme works so well and doesn't feel forced. The imagery and emotion evokes such feeling that you immediately think of the person you relate this to. Well done. An instant favorite.

    • 1 month ago

      by Lost star

      Thank you for take the time to read and comment Kate, very much appreciated:)

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