Losing Control

by Teria Westerviller   Oct 24, 2021

Lost forever in the abyss
No shooting stars to make a wish
Comets fly by, faster than light
Somehow I still cant end the fight
Over and over, a neverending yell
But listen closely, theres a story to tell

Brighter than heaven, gold so pure
Smiles and happiness spreads for sure
A hunger for life, yearning to explore
Always running around looking for more
The findings were bleak, disturbing to me
What's supposed to be freedom terrifies me

Alone, so cold - broken and caged
I miss the feeling of anger, that unyielding rage
If only I cared about the life that I live,
If only I had a bit more to give

When you're always searching for more
You cant trust yourself, its all folklore
Just keep to yourself, hidden away
Since losing control is never okay


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