I Long for the Sparrows Song

by Lost star   Oct 31, 2021

I can be found upon
a rock of sorrow,
holding to a last
kiss which even in
the careless wind lingers
on lips, still warm from your breath.

In the distance I can
hear the sparrows song;
a mourning lullaby,
as if she laments for my
broken porcelain heart,
how she can see I'm in tatters,
frayed at the edges and staked to the
ground with heavy limbs of lead,
waiting for you....
yearning to be lost in those eyes


I Know it's futile,
I know it will never be,
but for just a moment I
can feel alive again,
even with these
capricious emotions.

I am a perpetual autumn,
wistful and deploring a
summer recently departed.


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