This One's for Me

by RavenBunny   Nov 1, 2021

Typical how the sounds of chatter
Fade as I walk into the room,
A blush lingers on pale cheeks as my deadpan look falters
Momentarily; one can assume
That my being present caused the party to die
Down. My head still held high, I make my way over
To you, the prettiest girl I've ever seen and screamed to be brought to life,
But can I ask for a dance while sober?

Yes - because this one is for me.

I sigh and make my way to you,
And I breathe in the ashes of my dignity
As I throw away the pick-up lines that wrack my brain for they'll never do.

Mini dress riding up my thigh,
Knee-highs advertising more skin than I'd like,
The purple hue complimenting my
Complection more than I'd thought; heart pounding and eyes batting alike.

Can I muster the courage to ask you to be mine?
Can I cling to the fact that you're a dream that can't actually be?
Am I able to make tonight one of your best,
That makes you look back fondly in time?

Yes - because this one's for me.

They all gasp quietly as you take this shy girl's hand,
Smiling so sweetly, so softly,
Mascara lined lashes pull me in deeply, more than I can stand -
Can I endure her overwhelming beauty?

Yes - because this one's for me.


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