Ventures Into Another Realm

by Jemia de Blondeville   Nov 12, 2021

It was raining cats
Under a mewling wind
So i entered a small wood
To seek shelter
I wandered of the main path
Through the broad, and narrow trees
Eventually reaching
A small, but dark
Dangerous pool
I glanced inwards
It proffered no reflection
And no insects skated across
It's murky surface
It began to whirl
And from it's depths
Arose a curious bright, light
A glowing globe
hovered over the pool for a while
Then moved across
And was by my side
At the blink of an eye
I was mesmerised, and also frightened
It soon began to transform
Into the shape
Of a young woman
She had shiny, long flowing
Raven tresses
And eyes, of an emerald green
That glinted, and glimmered
As a small ray of sunshine
Scrambled through the heavy
Foliage, of the forest
Surrounding her look of seeming serenity
She was equal in height to me
So when she glanced into my eyes
It was as though, she was looking into my soul
She had a ponderous look upon her face
As if considering my fate
She wore no crown, or jewels
but had flowers in her hair
Soon other gleams of light appeared
And i assumed
That they would form into
Accompanying fairies
But i was wrong
As they took the form
Of small demons
At the same time
As, who i'd presumed was Titania
Queen of the fairies
Her tresses curled
And her eyes turned a malignant red
She then told me her name
And upon clicking her now long fingernails
Her demons
Dragged me into the whirling pool
And towards some kind of nightmare world
Where ghosts roamed around screaming
There were no life forms.
In the distance
Over the undulating fractured landscape
were a few dead trees
There gnarly limbs
Reaching out, to an unrelenting
Cold, and bitter sky
But i was not yet ready to die
Hecate cackled, indulging in my terror
I imagined this was hell, or somewhere similar
She was delighted to tell me
That she had merely taken me
into the future by sixty years
She then read me some verse
And that i was to make a choice

Slit my wrists
Or cut my throat
Stick my head in the oven
Or drown in a moat

Jump of a rooftop
Jump under a train
Take an overdose
Go insane

Blow my brains out
Suffocate my breath
So many choices
Resulting in death

I chose insanity
As i did not wish to die
I then started laughing
A maniacal kind of laugh
I then died in my head
My only company
Were the putrid dead
Hecate clicked her fingers again
And suddenly, i was beside the pool
I ran as fast as i could
To escape this bewitched wood
Guided by the moonlight
I soon reached the wet open
Relishing the rain, the beautiful rain

by Jemia


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