The Understanding Underground

by Anya   Nov 25, 2021

Well, here’s to this new cause and all it entails
As we try to force up these walls
Hastily trying to cure all our ails
For both scribes and fraudulent scrawls

Each soldier and scholar knew of this sunder
But disowned their damned and shrewd minds
All without worry or wears from their wonder
Ignoring their humbling finds

And never had meddled with questions of ‘should’
While rending each boundary they crossed
In pursuit of this great, we failed to do good
Not noticing all we had lost

And once we loathe this leeching off legacies
Will our perishing names be told?
No, not within fables or old melodies
But rotting beneath the mold

So when morning comes may we forsake our class
To smother each fire and flame
Breathe in the cities we formed from that ash
Not hanging our neighbors with blame


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