How Time Flies

by Jemia de Blondeville   Nov 25, 2021

I hear you clock
Every tick, and every tock
As you move, unrelentlessly
Into the future
In the meantime
You stand witness
And you are also part of
The passing of time
With no time for yourself
My only contribution
Is my ageing
Sometimes i curse you
As if it's your fault
As time seemingly
Hurries me towards
My final destination
Where time will no longer
Have any meaning
But you, my clock
May not realise
You are dependent on me
As i am your carer
As i feed you
You, the giver of time
Me, the giver to time
As i insert fresh batteries
Into your back
Behind your face, and hands
Else time for you
Would stand still
So when i die
You will in time follow
Unless i throw you out of my window
And watch time fly

by Jemia


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