by Anastasia   May 19, 2022

Become immersed in the words
Disappear for hours a day to read
All the stories and scenes you see
You hear them in your thoughts say

Oh look... I have nightmares every day
No amount of pages ever written
Stop these apparitions
I just want to step out of the page
Oh look... Life is so unknown
When your time is 230 pages long
Or more... but there is an end
But never an end to apparition
This is a confession

Are you now tired with this world?
Read it once to never revisit again
The things you were given turned to grey
You hear somebody in your head saying

Oh look.... I have regrets everyday
No amount of apology will ever stop these apparitions
You have been hiding behind them
Oh look... You've been cut off
When your time is 230 pages long
Or more... But there is amend
There is amend to wasting time...
Don't you ever touch me again

~ Anastasia, (From my album Come, Behold The Meadow And Embroider Me: chapter 1 "She hates being dead")
Also, relationships suck. That's one of the meanings of this one. Just gonna flat out say it, humans are too selfish for love.


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