by BEJohnson   Jul 26, 2022

Never think of me as weak.
It’s the last thing you’ll ever do.
I’m created from the pits of misery.
That should in itself scare you.

I’ve been used and tossed aside.
Killed mentally as a precious child.
Learnt how to fight to survive.
To conquer the depths of my mind.

I’m not afraid to rip away your light.
Consume you with darkness and despair.
Make you regret every decision.
No corner or memory will be spared.

It looks as though no one told you.
Told you of the warriors that roam.
Uncaged and ready to strike fast.
Crumble your walls made of stone.

You’ll never know because of this mask.
The mask and smile I hid silently behind.
A blood thirsty warrior in the night.
Tempt me and the devil in me you’ll find.


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