by Prophecies In Kodak   Jul 28, 2022

all i remember
is busted blenders
the first moment
i wanted to fix
everything for you
laughter ringing as we spoke
about perfect moments
like a new years kiss
from the emergency room

i only ever wanted
to make you smile
only ever wanted
an ode to your laughter
can’t say i’m not fine
that i wound up with
your hand
slipping into mine
down a horrocks lane
spilling balasmic while
forgetting the bread

you’re like little trinkets
hidden in my bedroom
every time i try to clean it up
i find a little distraction
from you

so many late nights
droopy eyed and lazy smiles
just to keep the conversation
from ending
and even then i would still
look for you in the morning
i’m so foolish
ain’t that right

too much though
in so far
you took away
the comfort of
my solitude and
i miss you
learning the lesson
of the difference between
alone and


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