Candy Shop Kisses

by SilentWolf   Aug 6, 2022

Thoughts warp into swirls like those on a peppermint,
A wonderfully aromatic haze swaddles two young lovers
As their sensual embrace leaves imprints
On cookie crumble sand; sun rays wade through those chocolate eyes of hers
Where reflections of the marshmallow clouds rest
Heavenly next to the shadows of the lollipop trees so vast.
Their candy shop kisses arouse the croons of emotions confessed,
As they sit before one another atop coconut-strand grass.
Painted glass colored taffy ribbons wrap around the couple
In an embrace so delicately loving,
So deeply warming, so deliciously subtle,
In a bow so stunning.

Their timid smiles compliment their cotton candy blushes
From candy shop kisses.


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