by SilentWolf   Aug 6, 2022

I stumble down a darkened hallway,
My bloodied fingertips trailing the ghostly white wall;
The archway before me begins to sway
And with a weakened, masochistic laugh, I fall.

People chatter around me as they begin to flood the path,
Stepping on my depression battered body
As they go on with their lives without demons on their backs;
Chapped lips ask for help so softly.

My knees miraculously muster the strength to raise me to my feet,
And I continue with my trudging forward.
As I pass through the archway, a voice murmurs to me:
"Who are you?"

I turn to face the mirror beside me, facing the reflection
That I had so desperately been avoiding,
And without an ounce of hesitation,
I face my walking corpse and whisper:



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