Et tu

by Rayven   Sep 11, 2022


Loneliness captures
my instincts. There
is never how are
you doing anymore.

Maybe it's selfish to
concede such impact
of emotional ties-

all or nothing seems to
be normalcy.

Triggers are for smoking
guns and my brain is one.
Starting over seems inept
just words that are worthless.

Changing for others was a
downfall but

loneliness doesn't mean
being alone.


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  • 2 weeks ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    A lot to think about with this one. A lot I can't properly put into words. Missed seeing you on here.

    I can't stop thinking about the "changing for others" versus changing for ourselves, and how the ways we may describe loneliness can change over time. Sending all the best to you.