by Milo   Sep 23, 2022

I'm against the thousand doors to my heart,
and I'm not sure if they are meant to keep you in.
But I tasted love in my blood,
when I fell for you
and bit my lip.

I guess this time I'll bleed it out.
See myself through this
as I'm caught up with these
feelings gushing forth,
tossing and turning with
what's left of me that remains.
I am already half way
gone and in the ground.
So believe me when I say,
I got nothing else for you to gain

I'm tired of matching the way I feel,
even though I know you feel me.
I stare up at the stars
and these bright lights
blind me to see
the struggle of winning and losing love
in this rabbit hole of house of cards.

But I saw the lightness in your eyes,
and the steps that you took
to get here my graceful lady.
I am twirling around dancing
in your light and I'm not sure
I want to stop
or let go of your hands.

I have only one chance at love
and I blew it a long time ago.
I should of listened when
they told me that love always wins.
I watch my house burn in ruins.
Love conquers all
and will conquer me.
So I stand here in your light
as ready as I'll ever be.


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