"Meeting The Eclipse"

by OMONDI ORONY   Mar 29, 2024

I'm a geek, nerd kind of a guy, I love abstract stuff. I have always been interested in things that leave me full, I guess that's what drove me close to Omondi Ochuka.

Meeting the eclipse was raw, abstract and deep, how did we even write this? Ochuka writes like Michel Houellebecq and Mike wudz, a genius with John Keats invisible hands. Who do you pray for when you are surrounded by Bukowski and Thomas Hobbes? When one is Schopenhauer’s penchant for the sublime, and the other one atheism polemicist? Actually, our circle was like an MC Escher painting, where you climb up the steps and all of a sudden you’re at the bottom again.

Who can argue that "Meeting The Eclipse" was not the best to come from us? I enjoyed the tape, I enjoyed the format, I enjoyed the information. Who doesn't like their first attempt?

However, (The album gave us hunger to do more) Ochuka birthed several projects after and Mike Wudz started producing. I laid back to see two of my brothers I was producing at that time flourishing.

With time we found ourselves fairly simplistic on the topic of logic, and coverage of individuals . What I've learned with our projects is that we are so deep to be accepted by everyone.

Check at our fan base, it doesn't pass two to three ninjas, we're more abstract in presentation, Wack in flows(flaws), Miyamoto Muswahili suggested that we should take our art seriously, but we're. Art is not supposed to be understood. For instance, Van Gogh pieces that were rejected just to be accepted after his death.

I am sure, they way we write forced most of our fans to explore different realms of knowledge and feelings, we opened the door for em.

Music can incite aggressive thoughts and feelings, I stated this in one of my lectures at Cambridge Universal College.

Omondi Orony.
09:22 | Sunday 31 March 2024


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