green obsidian

by writer   Jul 6, 2024

songs of the rain
lurk in shadows that speak lies
you always knew
what lies spoke the best,
i always knew how to turn them
into truths,
you read passages of red,
i spill myself in blue.

history is the kindest unkind
knowing of secrets,
treasurer of dreams,
keeper of knowledge.
you wish to write a letter
those ones you never post.

i dare say
you destroyed worlds you touched
with the poison you painted on your knife
that you placed next to her throat,
i dare say
i don't know how to read letters
but i read words you spoke
like they were tsunamis at my doorstep
brewing to overflow from my cups of teas
to drown my home.

i am a lost bird
you are the uncontainable sea

you knew apologies were sweet
so you dipped yourself in them and let me eat you
as the honey-sticky coat slowly sealed my lips shut.

freeze in time for years later to be found,
when lava would have softened
to be turned into crystal class

i am unknowledgeable
unaware of things i should know
lost in tracks of time where worlds have halted,
pulling and twisting things on my spinning wheel
and wearing it all around my neck
for a show i was never a part of.

you are the becoming of me,
the winter sun breaks into dawn and lights up each world
and the cacophony of distant dreams lurch us awake,
waking us from those beauty sleeps we dare not wish to be in.

the sun rose below the sky into complete darkness;
the dark crows caw,
blinds lift up from windows
as they fold into nightmares,
i am dressed in cream -
the best colour that suits me;
run before time runs out.


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