Unrelinquished Purpose

by Chris   Mar 14, 2006

Walking down the street, thinking to myself,
Where am i going? Why don't i know?
Surely i should know, wishing i wish with you,
Watching my old life fade away, while my new purpose grows.

I always think of you, wondering whether you're okay,
I fight to trust you're happy, that you can live without me..
but i'm falling apart without you, my angel,
I'm trying to break down your cage, trying to set you free..

So much is on my shoulders, so many people to help,
to save them all, to help them all, its not as easy task..
but i don't want to save anyone else, i want to save you,
So i have to disappear, to hide away.. only reappearing behind a mask.

I stop, i fall to my knees ignoring everyone looking at me,
I want you here with me forever, to keep you from harm,
to give you all my love, to never leave you,
I'd do anything to be near your love, to feel your charm..

I hit the ground, i cry, i call for you to be here,
why don't you understand that i am trying my best..
I want to be there, but i hit wall after wall of pain,
Why are we being put through this? is it some true love test..?

..they say we'll never last, we'll never be together,
but you and i know they're wrong, and we'll last forever.

I'll never let go, You'll always be there beside me,
This is more than just a case of unrelinquished purpose..


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  • 13 years ago

    by Phoebe

    CHRIS. YOU USED MY LINE! You stole it ¬¬ But I can forgive you seeing as you wrote such a nice poem =P well..Not really nice..lol But good ^^
    Pheebs x