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Hey all, yea I am back heck yes. :)
Anyways, for those of you who did not know me before I am Alex. I was raised in England and I live in Arkansas in the U.S. now. I have great friends and a wonderful girlfriend. Um I don't know what else to say. So yea.

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  • Age : 17
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : USA, Arkansas
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Latest Poems By Alex Marlatt

  • I breathe in deep, as this fire consumes me,
    This fire that blazes deep within my soul...

  • He tries again n' again:
    To well it up inside, loss of Zen...

  • He looks up at the night's sky
    Dark mantle speckled with light...

  • I feel as if something inside dies
    Every time that I look in your eyes...

  • The clouds in the sky above gently part
    A reflection of the love in my heart...

Latest Quotes By Alex Marlatt

  • I don't care if I'm hungry,
    I don't care if I'm thirsty,
    I don't care if I am in pain,
    All that I care about is you.

    14 years ago
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  • Never knock on Death's door. Always ring the doorbell and run like hell, he hates that.

    14 years ago
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  • My life is at a standstill. So let the wine flow, and let my blood pour. We drink to a peaceful sleep.

    14 years ago
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