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I know I have quite a few poems, but it would be great to get some comments on some of my earlier work too..? I like helpful critique, though not nasty ones, so be honest, but be tactful!! :-) If all else fails, my featured poems are probably the ones I like the most :-)


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Latest Poems By C Cattaway

  • A relationship is meant to be a safe space.
    Somewhere, with someone you trust...

  • Feeling kind of overwhelmed.
    Enormous is the fear...

  • Each year, only one, so far,
    Experienced as the last...

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
    The beholder decides to see your beauty...

  • When she's gone, and all that're left
    Are Torch Bearer photographs, online...

Latest Quotes By C Cattaway

  • Missed for a lifetime;
    Loved for an eternity.

    Copyright C Cattaway 1996

    4 years ago
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  • Sooner or later, everything needs to be dealt with. The longer it's left, the worst the repercussions, the sooner, the longer there is to adapt; move on.
    Time passes, but everything needs to be dealt with. I am ready to step forward from the shadows.

    14 years ago
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  • Just because you hide over the hill to cry,
    It doesn't mean that you're not shedding tears..

    15 years ago
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