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Hey there!
My name is Jeremy.
Here's basically the gist about when it comes to writing.
yeah. doesn't get anymore simple than that really.
i try to write a lot but lately i havent had the time at all with school sports and my job. but i still try to jot things down here and there.

My poems start with one line that just randomly pops into my throughout the day. I never know when a line will just hit me so i always carry a pen and paper to write it down as it comes or else ill foget it.
After that i find time to sit down by myself. normally its at 12ish at night when I have school in the morning. I i use that line as my starting and then focuse the rest of the poem around it. And from then words just flow onto paper really.

I'm using this website because I really dont think I'm that great of a writer and I figured this would be the best way to get new ideas, tips, and inperations as well as advice to improve my poems.

I love writing and I apsolutly love reading other peoples writing. so please enjoy mine. and I can take a gander at yours as well.

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  • So she can see clearly
    that I have eyes of hope for the hopeless...

  • Sometimes her eyes were gentle and filled with...
    Sometimes there was a fire with determination...

  • I tried to paint you a picture
    But the colors were all wrong...

  • One cut for every kiss
    One slice to my skin...

  • I can see the tears
    swelling her eyes...

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  • A live body and a dead body contain the same number of particles. Structurally, there's no discernible difference. Life and death are unquantifiable abstracts. Why should I be concerned?

    9 years ago
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  • We have just enough religion to hate one another and not enough to love.

    9 years ago
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  • Success is a staircase not a doorway.

    9 years ago
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