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Simpsons episode from 1993.

SPOILERS (if someone wants to know about me and wonders)

"To miss the boat": when you meet someone you knew, someone you liked, someone you think might have liked you... and you don't know what to say, and that someone doesn't say anything either. Maybe if I write a poem she will understand, or more likely I am just coward.

"Courage": those moments when you are alone and hopeless, and there is nothing left but facing every new day like a fight for your life.

"Drowning": About porn, cyber temptations , all those beautiful women. It's me telling myself to ignore sirens songs and find a real friend.

"Broken": My first and only love, often she was mean but she was sweet too, I mean, I knew she liked me and even loved me so I went bananas. There is a lot more to say about this but noone would understand it fully.

"I need emojis": About a couple who broke up and he is wondering if she already moved on reading her messages.

"Heather in spring": That unique moment when you know you are loved and how difficult it is to experiment it again as we grow up.

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  • A poet is that who aligns the painting on the one standing wall of a bombed house

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  • Masked with care, the virus killed many and its name was vaccine

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