P&Q Round 2 voting

  • Baby Rainbow
    4 years ago

    Please read each poem, and PM me with the TWO poems that you want to WIN.
    The numbers don't have to be in order you want them to win, there is no points here. The 2 poems with the most votes will go through and go head to head in round 3 for the winner.



    Spinning the wedding band.

    Band on table, glistening offering hope,
    my eyes cannot register any promise,
    spinning with index finger, losing scope,
    those vows I offered, I now dismiss.

    I promised you a husband full of life,
    making a bed for both of us, carrying your fears,
    why aren't you ashamed to be called my wife?
    my confidence is washed away with tears.

    Spinning in finger, annoying noise on table,
    losing myself in the moment, slinking away,
    there was a time I was strong, I was able,
    now I am a useless carcass, regurgitating dismay.

    As the spinning increases, my finger becomes raw,
    my mind turning and burrowing deep within,
    to wake from a slumber daily, is now a chore,
    I would much rather fester, then sit and weep.



    The Parasol ( Story Poem )

    Near the shoreline, where furious waves
    meet the sand, a red crab - with a strong claw
    gripped to rocks, observed attentively
    your hand reach out to me.

    Not long ago -- I watched from beside you,
    how oceanic waves moistened you with flirts
    by splashing your toes with salt
    to later titillate a chuckle out of you.
    Immediately, I felt how the intense sun
    heated me with jealousy and how
    the seagulls swirled in circles above my head
    as if mocking me with every tide
    that kissed your skin.

    I remember, the blue skies - getting clouded
    like your eyes, irradiated fewer rays of ecstasy
    every time your legs submerged deeper and deeper
    into the ocean's lascivious provocations,
    And how the wrecked-boats - crashed amongst
    the shoreline's rock, creaked loud warnings
    to those sailing far down into the high waves,
    Yet no matter how loud the boats creaked,
    your hips continued waddling through tides
    as if trying to ebb into a fading sun,
    leaving me stranded on the sand.

    It was then that a frustrated wind - with a gust of rain,
    slapped your face. Your expression, troubled and
    in fear, looked back at the shore as if trying to find me,
    but your torrents of regrets angered the ocean.
    Waves rose past your hair like a tsunami trying to drown you
    and keep you with its strength, that's when your hand -
    extended to the sky as pleading for mercy,
    remembered me: the long walks along the shoreline,
    where I protected you from the sun, from the rain
    by just holding my hand.

    At that moment, a red crab - with a strong claw
    gripped to giant rocks, observed attentively your hand
    drowned slowly in the ocean of your own regrets,
    to then with its other claw, grip tighter to the giant rocks.


    The softest sound
    reached for shape
    and settled upon
    drops of glass-like
    rain falling from the
    gardens of your
    God forsaken bible
    and whispered,

    . . . is. . .


    Title: Scarlet Wings & Charcoal Scars

    Daylight died as the twilight drew closer;
    with every breath she forced out
    butterflies dripped from her split tongue
    and the clock stopped ticking,
    as if perpetuating the dark hour
    would stop destiny's scythe

    When she promised me unconditional love,
    I became like a bull in a china shop:
    stumbling over her shallow wishes
    breaking the stained glass floor
    with razor-sharp stiletto heels
    dressed in rainbows and diamond smiles

    She turned me into a dream-dancer,
    moving beyond disconnected false realities
    to the beat of her heartbeat closer --
    showing me the truth of fatalism
    as her scarlet wings sprouted
    from the charcoal scars on her back

    She grabbed my aching hands
    and spirited me away
    from the pointless and hollow
    dreamless, sleepless, painful land of lies
    that had always wounded us both
    whenever we had to force a smile --

    She took me to infinity and flew right by
    the ashes of phoenix universes reincarnating
    the true goddess from the underworld,
    and painted mountains of corpses piled
    to make me realize that even
    Gods and Ghosts must die

    We landed on the ivory tower
    that we built from scarred dead skin,
    and stacks of gold crowns and bronze swords
    piled as bricks glimmering with devoted glue:
    and I saw the evanescent shines reflected
    in her eyes solemnly sworn to witness my rebirth

    Because all I knew before meeting her
    was the dread of monotonous everyday life
    and hopes of magic breaking the mundane
    through my sleepless state of gray mind, blind;
    at the time I knew neither love nor hate
    because I was always stuck in between

    And then I finally knew what she meant
    when she said that we were entangled
    in the pure white spider web
    woven from the threads of fate:

    because when her wings embraced me
    and her lithe body echoed mine,
    she kissed me for the first time
    and I knew that I wanted to be stuck
    in this disconnected and dreamy eternity

    For despite that even Gods and Ghosts must perish
    we made our love too strong to ever die


  • Baby Rainbow
    4 years ago

    Please keep voting. I am closing this Tonight.