Winners of Poetry Contest

Popular Poems

  • No More Hiding (3) 1

    by iFallToPieces

    She's trying hard to understand, just what's going...
    She doesn't know why, but everything is going...

  • Once (4) 3

    by Inside the Liar

    Yes, I knew him once.
    At least...

  • -----------------Beautiful Buds
    -----------------Royal Roses...

Latest Poems

  • Solitudes

    by Satish Verma

    The questions hang like skin tags.
    A broken mirror, stabs...

  • Alcohol always tasted bitter
    because you made me drink it...

  • Dance Like Your Alone (1)

    by Aries Rising

    You never dance anymore
    Though you know that you can move...

Popular Quotes

  • In life take your time, look around for awhile and take in your surroundings, be thankful for what you have because you won't have it forever

    by Em
  • If our eyes refuse to accept the burden of the world's ills, then our hearts will bear the dreadful grief despite the inevitability of them shattering.

  • Happiness is one thing you make yourself,
    others just contribute to it.

    by Em