Winners of Poetry Contest

  • Ambivalence (14) 7 WIN

    by Aegis

    September rains have arrived
    biting their tongues...

  • I'm Fine! (30) 12 WIN

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    I feel like a slave to this lonely beat
    The one I keep playing, a tune on repeat...

  • A Lullaby (19) 12 WIN

    by Mark

    Night has arrived - time to drift away
    Release the sails of patterned rose...

Popular Poems

  • I Light A Light (12) 8

    by Aries Rising

    I light a torch within this black
    To show there is a way...

  • I've missed you (2) 2

    by Fredy

    I've missed you...
    Like a drowning man gasping for air...

  • In My Arms (4) 3

    by Matt Carroll

    This path you walk, the life you know
    A time for change, just let it go...

Latest Poems

  • The Vestments Stained

    by Elizabeth Squires

    they abused the children
    in a multitude of ways...

  • Dying In Stages (1) 1

    by Aries Rising

    Stage 1
    An angel appears before me and I don't know what I...

  • My Anguish

    by Mahesh Kachare

    In life, hard pain comes to the mind
    When one says "you are mentelly blind...

Popular Quotes

  • In life take your time, look around for awhile and take in your surroundings, be thankful for what you have because you won't have it forever

    by Em
  • If our eyes refuse to accept the burden of the world's ills, then our hearts will bear the dreadful grief, despite the inevitability of them shattering.

  • Happiness is one thing you make yourself,
    others just contribute to it.

    by Em