Winners of Poetry Contest

Popular Poems

  • birds fly the nest and
    despite age parents worry...

  • The next stage (12) 7

    by Michael

    I stumbled upon the stage of trepidation-
    falling-tripping; fumbling my...

  • Healthy (7) 5

    by mossgirl19

    The neuro doc said
    Nothing is wrong with my mind...

Latest Poems

  • -I believe,
    In the power of heartache...

  • Any day now

    by Dagmar Wilson

    My hands are on her belly
    I feel his tiny feet kicking...

  • Be Still

    by C Cattaway

    Dear heart,
    Be still, for how you beat...

Popular Quotes

  • In life take your time, look around for awhile and take in your surroundings, be thankful for what you have because you won't have it forever

    by Em
  • If our eyes refuse to accept the burden of the world's ills, then our hearts will bear the dreadful grief, despite the inevitability of them shattering.

  • Happiness is one thing you make yourself,
    others just contribute to it.

    by Em