Winners of Poetry Contest

Popular Poems

  • Reborn II (10) 5

    by S.T.A.R.

    I braided the roots of a tree
    to save within a music box...

  • Eight Weeks (8) 7

    by Maple Tree

    Upon a night so cold and dreary
    feeling life drain, making me teary...

  • I'm thirty next year
    now I'm witnessing true love...

Latest Poems

  • Awakened Inspiration

    by Meena Krish

    Stiff fingers unfold
    from winter’s embrace...

  • Youthful but Wounded

    by WonderingSpirit17

    A youthful but wounded soul
    You never really felt whole...

  • Thank You

    by WonderingSpirit17

    Thank you for letting me go,
    With your actions, I came to know...

Popular Quotes

  • With every tear that's shed, there's a lesson worth learning.

  • Our children are like sponges, soaking up the world around them. Do them a favour, show them a sea of goodness, the rivers of sin and the unconditional waterfalls of human love.

  • Love is like respect it starts from within.