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  • Order in the Court (2) 2

    by mossgirl19

    Every day,
    we would sue each other...

  • As hard as I try to deter the thoughts niggling in...
    by keeping busy they creep up on me when I'm lying...

  • Don't Cross The Street (1) 1

    by Glenn Gay

    The darkness is in command of the night
    Stingy with its essence of light...

  • If we are mirrored in a
    parallel universe...

  • Our Love Song

    by Glenn Gay

    I was looking across life’s sea
    There wasn’t anyone there for me...

  • O Sailor! (1) 1

    by Tapan Ghosh

    O Sailor!
    It’s the way I want to be...

  • homesickness (4) 4

    by hiraeth

    your tongue is a spring of summer,
    thawing words from december...

  • In My Arms (2) 2

    by Matt Carroll

    This path you walk, the life you know
    A time for change, just let it go...

  • August 17, 2017 (2) 2

    by Everlasting

    May be I'm a torrent
    Some sort of stream...

  • Ice Fantasy (7) 3

    by mossgirl19

    Draped in icy chill
    We kissed with shivering lips...

  • I wouldn't dare to catch a glimpse of you
    Surely it would be the last breath I ever drew...

  • Into The Lair (1) 1

    by Satish Verma

    Would not wear
    the seasoned face...