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  • The Divine Excuse (1)

    by mossgirl19

    The sound of plates breaks the morning silence
    And the gentleman lazily awakens...

  • Commerce 1

    by Satish Verma

    The snarled monogamy
    needs a firework...

  • Wonderfy (2) 2

    by Beyouplur

    Shy shy shy
    Why why why...

  • Suddenly Remembered You (5) 2

    by mossgirl19

    I suddenly remembered you, Gary
    And it put a smile on my face...

  • I need you (1) 2

    by Em


  • Neo Tokyo (1) 1

    by Alex Penuelas


  • Rejection (4) 2

    by Nobody

    You didn't just say those words
    You poured them on me...

  • Memorable moments we've had and
    You'll never be forgotten but know...

  • Xx (1) 1

    by Tshomarelo Motaung

    I saw her searching for a similar sign..
    With marble-like eyes and a marvelous mind...

  • Thirty Hills (song) (7) 3

    by Maher

    Have you heard what they say?
    “'Neath the old woman lay...

  • Awful Goodbyes (2) 3

    by RustySoul

    You left before your time
    Leaving me in mournful sighs...

  • Spinning (4) 4

    by Alec

    Laying paralyzed, stuck in bed
    Haunting thoughts shriek through my head...