I need a poem/song about losing my mother.
author: ShootingStar
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date: 2008.09.27 04:07

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My mother was died of cancer. I miss her so much. I am so depressed. I seriously need a poem about this to describe my feelings well.

author: Phantasma
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date: 2008.11.02 17:31

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Hush now Precious, please don't cry
There comes a time when we all die. Just take heed now that I'm at peace
and free from my pain. I will always be watching over you.
Our love will always be held true. Don't you weep now, don't you mourn
or my heart will then be torn. Just remember the good times we shared,
knowing that we always cared. I've not gone away, we'll never part,
as I will always be in your heart.
by Carol Matthews

I remember everything about you,
your voice, you smile, your touch,
the way you walked, the way you talked,
the way you looked at me, meant so much.

I remember all the words you said to me,
some funny, some kind, some wise,
all of the things you did for me,
I see now with different eyes.

I remember every moment we shared,
seems like only yesterday,
or maybe it was eons ago,
It's really hard to say.

You are gone from me now,
but one they can't take away,
your memory resides inside my heart,
and lights up my darkest days...

author: Pink Princess
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date: 2008.11.04 15:31

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Im nto sure if these are what you are looking for but there is a song by cindi lauper called " i wanna mum that will last forever" and one by Celine Dion called goodbyes the saddest word ( about mother and daughter )

im really really sorry to hear your news :( message me if you need any support or to talk xx hugs xx

author: Sea2Summit
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date: 2009.01.30 05:19

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Oh Dear Daddy where did you go?
God called for me son, He needed me so

What about us? We're lost and confused
Have love for yourselves and you'll push right on through

It's hard with this pain and we're feeling so slighted
Just get busy living 'cause we'll soon be reunited

You were always there for me to support and to guide
I still am, little bum. Look deeper inside

I can see your face but I can't hear anything
Well, there's too much static and you're not really listening

Please help with my worries I need peace of mind
Feel my spirit flow through you and this you will find

I have so many questions I don't know where to start
Just give them to me then trust in your heart

After what's happened I'm afraid of being wrong
Don't worry about that, together we'll be strong

Thank you ol' pops for answering my call
You're still my shining light, son, and together we'll stand tall

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