Terms Of Service

Please read our terms of service carefully. By posting material (poems, comments, quotes, and forum posts) to this website, you confirm that you have read these terms of service and have agreed to comply with them. Violation of these terms of service may result in permanent suspension of your account. Terms of service, as well as rules and guidelines, are subject to change without prior notice. It is your responsibility to review the terms and guidelines regularly.

General Rules

  • The first and most important rule of poems-and-quotes.com is be respectful to all members. Being disrespectful to other members will not be tolerated and may result in penalty or suspension.

Poem and Quote Submission Rules

  • You must be the original author of the poems and quotes you submit to poems-and-quotes.com. Do NOT submit texts that are not yours. Doing so is a violation of COPYRIGHT LAW.

  • In forum discussions, include a link to the original source (which has been authorized by the author) when referring to copyrighted poems or other copyrighted material. To refer to a poem or other material in the public domain that is no longer copyrighted, you must still credit the author to avoid plagiarism. When appropriate, cite the work(s) in which the text or poem first appeared.

  • Do NOT include requests for comments and/or votes in the title of your poem. Do NOT use any special characters to make your title stand out.

  • Do NOT submit texts in capital letters.

  • Your poems and quotes must be related to the category you have selected.

  • Do NOT submit texts on the subject of pornography or violence. Erotica and/or poems with profanity should be submitted only in the category of Explicit (if you are under the age of 18, you must have parental consent to post and/or read texts in this category).

  • As there is a fine line between erotica and pornography, final determination will be at the discretion of the moderators.

  • Submit each text only once. Duplicate submissions will be deleted.

  • Saving your poems to your computer before submitting them to poems-and-quotes.com is highly recommended. We are not liable for the loss of any of the work you submit.

  • On your comments, you have two buttons - one is a "remove" button, which allows you to complain on comments, and the other is a "praise" button. Praising a comment does not send a message to the person who commented on your poem. Instead, "praise" brings the comment forth to the moderators to determine if the comment is worthy. In the same manner, complaining about a comment does not send a message to the commenter. Instead, "remove" brings the comment forth to the moderators to determine if it should be deleted or penalized. Do not use abrasive language in your praises or complaints.

Forum Rules and Guidelines

  • The number one rule is that each member be given the utmost respect. If you have an opinion, thought, idea, or disagreement, by all means post it, but be tactful and respectful. If the initial post/thread and/or subsequent posts violate the rules of this site, please privately bring your concerns to the attention of the moderators. Minor swear words will be tolerated if not directed at other members, and if not used in excess.

  • No spamming or advertisements of any kind are allowed on poems-and-quotes.com.

  • Do not post your email address, personal address, social media account, or any other pertinent personal information within the forum or on your profile without the express permission of the moderators. Likewise, do not post the personal information of another person or member.

  • There is a forum in which you are allowed to post requests for other members to read your work. Post requests to read/comment only in this forum. Do not post links to your poetry within any forum except the request/comment forum.

  • Do not post consecutive posts. There is an edit button so that you can add to your former post.

  • Do not report plagiarized poetry in the forums. Complain on the poem with a link to the poem's original author.

  • Do not post anyone's personal name or identifying information outside of the members of poems-and-quotes.com unless given express permission. Example: "My teacher, Mr. John Doe, hit on me in class."

  • If you belong to a club, do not air club business in the general forums. Handle club business within your club, and if that cannot be done, private message a moderator. What goes on in a club should stay in a club.

  • Any profanity within the title of a thread will result in immediate deletion of the thread. Swearing or vulgar slang is strictly forbidden. Repeat offenders will be penalized.

  • Threads of the same topic may be locked without explanation. If you want to bring up an old thread and add to it, that's fine as long as you have stayed on topic.

  • Posts with all caps will be deleted without penalty. Repeat offenders may be penalized.

  • At 100 posts, threads are locked. Feel free to start up a new thread with the same topic.

  • This is not a dating site. All posts deemed as "soliciting" by the moderators will be promptly deleted. Repeat offenders will be penalized.

Other Rules

  • Avatars must be appropriate. No nudity, profanity, or self harm avatars are permitted. Overtly shocking or offensive avatars may result in immediate suspension. “Borderline” violators (determined by the moderators) will be given a 3 day grace period to change/remove an inappropriate avatar. If the relevant party does not change/remove their avatar within 3 days, the account will be suspended. You may appeal the suspension.

  • Any member who is under suspension is forbidden from posting in the forums using an alternate account. Violating this rule may result in an IP ban from the site. You may appeal your suspension here. Child predators and literary thieves need not appeal.

  • There is to be no profanity or offensive tags in your username.

  • All poems, quotes, and forum posts must be in English or with a direct translation attached.

  • If a member is inactive for 120 days or more, their account may be deleted without notice.

  • You may have one alternate account/alias pre-approved by the moderators. You may not use this account for nefarious purposes, such as voting on your own poems and quotes, nominating your own poems and quotes, ganging up on other members, or joining more than one club.

  • You may only be a member of one club. No exceptions. If you have two accounts, both accounts may be in the same club; however, all members in your club must be made aware of your dual membership. Club managers may deny you membership or cancel your membership without explanation. Please do not harass club managers.

  • Offenses may be dealt with on a case by case basis depending on the severity of the offense and the member's background. Interpretation and implementation of the rules and the severity of penalties is at the total discretion of the moderators.

  • Poems-and-quotes.com will have full rights for editing submitted texts as necessary. We reserve the right to not display or post any submissions deemed inappropriate or unacceptable. By submitting material to poems-and-quotes.com, you allow us to display, modify, transmit, distribute, or delete your posting without prior or further consent. Submissions may be removed any time at moderator discretion. Authors who submit their poems to us retain their copyrights, but grantpoems-and-quotes.com irrevocable worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute their submitted material in printed form or by any other medium, and forego any payment or compensation for the submitted material.