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  • Captivating art

    by El_Mabini

    I arrived and stood at the widened door
    Sepia toned wall welcomed my arrival...

  • Time to go 1

    by Analu

    Depression creeps into my mind
    Like a subtle virus, starting slowly...

  • You would never marry me.

    by shadows of saber

    Wedding bells chime but I know not for me.
    A wedding dress so pretty will never be fitted on...

  • I hurt you

    by shadows of saber

    You were my friend, you made me happy.
    Through the sadness u were there and it made me so...

  • No One Survives

    by Satish Verma

    Out of nowhere,
    a miracle takes place...

  • Grief Haiku 1

    by Savannah

    Grief cartographer
    Multilayered pages fall...

  • When you look at a word long enough
    It becomes foreign and strange...

  • About God

    by David N Donihue

    About God
    By David N. Donihue...

  • Chronicle ( Senryu )

    by BOB GALLO

    I've lost all these years
    for I am not going to...

  • The Urge (Senryu)

    by BOB GALLO

    The urge of telling
    the biggest tales even when...

  • He Will See

    by C Cattaway

    Finding her feet, she looks at where she's been,
    As what happened broke her a lot...

  • Catastrophe

    by MysteryMan

    Tornados swirl in and cities disrupt
    They demolish what all we built...