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  • Burrow

    by Bobby M.Peter

    Dark seen in daylight
    in my place...

  • Body Shaming

    by Dreamsurfer

    I'm skinny,
    But do not care what anyone has to say about it...

  • I Adore This Girl

    by Dreamsurfer

    She asks me for the wedding albums of my parents.
    I bring two...

  • I will welcome Hell with open arms
    As any mother would...

  • Burning Pages

    by Blake

    You’ll know these words before you die
    ‘People live to sanctify...

  • My Art Sultan

    by Dreamsurfer

    For 5 consecutive years,
    My Art grades deteriorated by 7 marks every 12...

  • Vultures

    by ddavidd

    How wearing is the patience of vultures
    in desert of the people's eyes...

  • I'll Love You Forever

    by DavidPCarroll

    My beating heart
    My smiling heart...

  • Lol

    by Dreamsurfer

    He's well read,
    Intelligent and witty...

  • those three syllables that drank from tropical
    waters, grew roots that tapped into the alveoli...

  • Wonder Portman

    by Dreamsurfer

    I wanted it to be Natalie,
    But Gal Gadot, another Israeli was chosen...

  • Either one works

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    Is it shock, disappointment, anger, or all three?
    I decide it’s all three as tears sting my eyes...