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  • Fire (fear)

    by Violet Raven

    Heat rises within reflective pupils
    when crackling embers pop like...

  • Epiplexis 1

    by hiraeth

    And of all roots –
    I’ve eschewed yours...

  • It Is Raining 1

    by Satish Verma

    Syllepsis. A story goes.
    You can kill two...

  • Kevin swaps his suit
    each Friday for a dress and...

  • Poem 2

    by Rohit Sapra

    It has few lines
    It has feelings in it...

  • True Feelings

    by Rohit Sapra

    Feelings for you will remain
    Those feelings will remain as they are...

  • Couldn't you stay away ? Don't write my
    Obituary yet for I'm not ready to die; I'm 32...

  • The Wanting... (1) 3

    by Kai

    As the night creeps in
    Brought down upon my knees...

  • Words has wings (1) 2

    by Jyoti Rawat

    If my words has wings
    These could go to our ears and you get to...

  • If (4) 4

    by Kai

    If my heart was a rose
    Would it be as black as the ashes of your love...

  • The Spinster (1) 3

    by Hellon

    A musty shoebox
    letters tied with faded bow...

  • Bang, Bang, Bang!
    Jack hammers my pounding skull...