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  • Feeding The Past

    by Satish Verma

    I take me,
    in the whirlpool of bridges...

  • Dewdrops on the fence
    Green grass for frogs to hide in...

  • A poem about a dead father 3

    by nourayasmine

    There are mornings
    when I wake up...

  • Unwritten Poem

    by Glenn Gay

    Simply put
    She has always been the most poetic prose of my...

  • My Christmas Wish: (2) 1

    by Scott Cole

    May this holiday season
    Be full of pure bliss...

  • One Word (3) 3

    by Maple Tree

    She said one word

  • Stress Escape

    by Broken Nightingale

    When everything goes wrong
    and nothing seems ever right...

  • Till Death My Loves (1) 2

    by Mark

    When all my substance needs not breath of air
    And eyes devolve into the depths of night...

  • Moon Catcher 1

    by Angie

    Yes, I remember the past
    as it has molded me...

  • Harvest Lost 2

    by Ben Pickard

    I remember tarrying on the track,
    too self-conscious to knock on your little cottage...

  • I cast off my coat and my troubles at your door
    My life, well, with you...

  • Safety issue?

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    “Once a hitter always a hitter.”
    The words bounce around my brain as I look at the...